Transform 202o

When? July 15-16, 2020
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© 2020 VentureBeat Transform, the AI event of the year.

July 15 - 16, 2020


Transform 2020

The AI event of the year for business executives.


No other event offers Transform’s dedication to quality networking and carefully curated, result-oriented content around AI — with a coverage that is both cross-functional and cross-vertical.


Expect to hear inspiring yet practical stories about implementing AI tech and strategies. It's about driving real results.


Join us for the latest insights and strategies on cutting-edge, business-changing technologies.


Day 1: Big picture on where AI is showing the most promise and the greatest obstacles


Day 2: Deep dives on how organizations unlock value from AI


This year’s Transform will also put a special spotlight on the most pertinent AI/ML applications across financial services, retail/ecommerce, healthcare, and manufacturing/industrial.

Conversational AI

Conversational AI continues to play a central role in helping companies engage customers and deliver experiences that are more personalized, contextualized, frictionless, and efficient.


Key advancements in NLP, NLU, voice, and text will be covered, as well as real-world use cases with proven business ROI. This track will prominently feature applications in financial services, retail, and ecommerce.


Topics include:


  • Big trends

  • Virtual agents

  • Engagement & personalization

  • Customer support

  • NLU algorithms and models

  • Enterprise data lake strategy

  • Design & UX

  • Deployment success

Technology & Automation

This track will cover a range of AI capabilities and technologies, including the latest on robotic process automation (RPA), autoML, predictive AI, and more. In addition, enterprise-wide adoption, integration, and implementation will also be addressed, from talent to culture, to governance to privacy.


Find out how diverse enterprises are reaping the benefits of technology and automation.


Topics include:


  • AutoML trends

  • GAN, Transfer, CNN, and more

  • Algorithms overview & definitions

  • Company-wide AI implementation

  • Reinforcement learning

  • AI-driven forecasting

  • Enterprise data management

IoT & AI at the Edge

With 5G on the way, combined with the proliferation of mobile devices and sensors on the network, companies are increasingly seeking to run AI technologies on the “edge.” Reduced latency compared to the cloud, as well as increased security are some of the drivers in the space.

Dive into where the most promise and real-world results are being achieved in manufacturing/industrial, healthcare, and more.


Topics include:


  • Big trends

  • Data convergence strategies

  • Edge use cases

  • Off-the-shelf and cloud tools

  • Edge/IoT infrastructure

Computer Vision 

Industry experts expect computer vision to remain a key trend in AI, with increasing accuracy in people and object detection. A number of sectors will continue to invest in, and benefit from advances in the field, including ecommerce, security, healthcare, transport-logistics, and more.


The latest capabilities and use cases will be shared, especially from healthcare, retail, and ecommerce.


Topics include:


  • Big trends

  • Algorithm & technology advancements

  • Business case

  • Deepfakes

  • Deep neural networks

  • Implementation strategies